Aside from digital art, a passion of mine are rhythm games as silly as it sounds. It would’ve been nice if my hidden talent was something more useful but I guess it still counts as a skill, right? BanG Dream!, often abbreviated as Bandori, is one of the more mild rhythm games I play. The game features five bands; Poppin’Party, Afterglow, Pastel*Palettes, Roselia, and Hello, Happy World! There are many original and cover songs that you can play on varied difficulties, and multi live rooms allow you to play with others. The gameplay itself is simple, there are four note types; blue notes (standard tap), green notes (tap and hold), pink notes (flick notes in any direction), and yellow notes (activates a character’s skill). This is a good rhythm game for beginners as it’s pretty straightforward and easy to understand, I personally have been playing it on a regular basis since quarantine was enforced. I can mindlessly tap away on the screen without much thought and pass time this way. If anything, rhythm games such as Bandori have kept me from just sleeping all day so I’ll continue to share more of the different rhythm games that I play along with my gameplays for them. Here is an original song by Hello, Happy World! called Wacha-Mocha Pettan March, higher resolutions are available in the settings of the video.